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What Are Some Benefits of Weight Training

The first thing that comes to mind when many people consider weight training is that this is only for serious minded professionals looking to transform their body into a machine of raw power. While this is most certainly a distant goal and possible achievement, there are many benefits that strength training can offer before you get to that point.

Strength training is one of the best ways to balance physical, mental and even emotional health and is available in every intensity level imaginable no matter how basic or advanced your level of physical conditions may be.

If you are looking to improve your health, drop pounds without subjecting yourself to the diet of the damned and build a leaner more powerful physique, weight training could be the best choice for you. Following are some of the greatest advantages of weight training.

Increased Physical and Mental Strength

The single most important advantage of regular weight training is the increased strength and muscle power you will acquire. From week to week you will realize you no longer struggle to lift the garbage cans, can manage all the shopping in a single trip and twist open any jar like nothing. Not only this, but you will see an increase in your work capacity. From mental tasks in a professional or academic field to manual labor around the home, your output capacity will increase and take your quality of life with it.

Because it is quite impossible to address one without also addressing the other, you will notice a great increase in your mental fortitude as your physical capacity increases –– yes, weight training is a discipline and simple art.

Increases Bone Density

After we hit a certain date, our bones will no longer maintain their density as they once had. This can lead to serious conditions with brittle fragile bones in old age. But, you can get a jump on this issue and build bone density with strength training exercises.

Heavy lifting doesn’t just build thicker stronger muscles, it adds to the density of your skeletal structure. This makes weight training one of important preventative exercises for avoiding the hazard of age.

Promotes Lean Body Mass

Strength training increases the quantity of lean body mass that you will be working with as you get older. This is a great way to stave off the effects of sarcopenia that can degenerate the muscles and reduce strength.

Improves Stability and Reduces the Risk of Injury

Weight training increases the durability of muscles, tendons and connective tissues of all kinds. This not only makes the body more resilient to injury but also increases the stability of the body structures making falling accidents less of a problem.

Increased Confidence

Finally, weight training can also provide a considerable boost to confidence and self-esteem. There is nothing like seeing a hitherto insurmountable obstacle, like a heavy sofa, give way before your own increased muscle power.

Bonus: You can eat what you want!

Well, so long as you are making healthy food choices, there needs to be no diet restrictions on your weight training program. As long as you are putting in the time and effort to lift and hoist within a whit of your full capacity, the world is your oyster –– but, do yourself a favor and choose healthy proteins and eat lots of raw veggies, you won’t regret it!